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According to my personal experience, fat ballet dancers are the best fucks. These bitches are both flexible and estrogen-rich, so you can enjoy both, the best electric shock on your pussy with your favorite positions, at the same time.

I don’t know why, but women with a hoarse voice turn me on, to an extent that I forget to care about their age, looks and other features, one of the Indian actresses that never fails to turn me on is Rani Mukherjee, and it goes without saying that it is her voice that turns me on, not her looks or anything else.

I have watched some of the Top Periscope videos and I am yet to find an ugly girl on any of those, all those chicks look like angels that just came to earth from another planet. But I am yet to find a bitch there with a hoarse voice.

I have been doing the wife of a carpenter for a while who cut more than half of his dick by mistake while on work. The best thing about her wife is her hoarse voice and Samantha Fox like looks. They live right next door to me and before I knew what was wrong with them, I once saw the wife shopping for dildos with her carpenter husband at an adult store and that’s when I learnt that something is wrong with the couple. I started chasing her ever since and ended up getting lucky. Or in other words, herself and I both ended up getting lucky.

Services of female escorts as a bonus to the best employees is a wonderful idea

Employees are a company’s greatest asset. If your employees are happy, your company is bound to prosper which in turn will increase the number of all sorts of assets of your company, including employees, land, buildings, cash in hand, customers, clients, etc.

I believe that the Goa company owners must provide the services of Margao female escorts if they really want to be called the best bosses ever.

Let’s take one company for example here, The Paul Mitchell Shampoo Company started from the bottom and today is one of the greatest shampoo companies. John Paul DeJoria, the founder himself used to be a salesperson before starting the company. There are hundreds of thousands of employees that work in the Paul Mitchell Systems and only 67 employees have left the company since it started off. John Paul DeJoria really knows how to handle the employees well and he has learnt a lot of it from HR consultancy services London.

Whether it was late Mr. Henry Ford, one of the most legendary entrepreneurs of all time and my personal favorite as well. His power wasn’t only his drive but the way he managed his employees and listened to all their needs.

Henry Ford didn’t waste his precious time shopping for expensive Gucci or Armani suits. He used to spend all of his time managing his legendary company. What a man! A real man!

There is no doubt that Henry Ford managed to create one of the greatest companies ever. The company could have even better if there were any HR consultancy firms like in the modern day. Henry Ford’s focus wasn’t on making money but serving the people and that’s exactly what you need in order to be a great success if you are into business.

Whenever you start working on a business, there are already thousands of things that are needed to be taken care of. I suggest that you hire a nice HR consultancy firm for your HR needs and focus on creating better products/services.

Protein supplements make me lethargic in bed but energetic in gym

If you are a regular seller or buyer of protein supplements, say a big thank you to the plastic molding manufacturers based in the Republic of China. Your whey protein supplement would have been a lot more expensive if the bottle of it wasn’t manufactured in China.

The Chinese companies are responsible for keeping the prices low for thousands and thousands of products including the protein supplement. No wonder why the protein supplement is preferred by the people who can’t afford food rich in protein. If it was some American or European company manufacturing the bottles or jars in which whey protein is carried, the price for the supplement would have been double or triple as the European and American companies don’t know how to manufacture anything cheap. They are extravagant when it comes to the cost of production and poorly so.

I personally do not take any protein supplement when I have an appointment with a Ponda female escort. It makes me lethargic in bed. That’s just me, I cannot say anything about others.

I know a lot of bodybuilders who claim they wouldn’t have touched their protein supplement if it had been any more pricey. I say to them all to thank the Republic of China and its plastic companies for your great looking and functioning body. China has given the world so much and mostly in the past few decades, it has changed the way the world’s economy functions.

If Sir Henry Ford were alive today, he would have spent all his fortune on those gorgeous Palolem female escorts

Henry Ford was the most popular man in America during his time. He still is extremely popular among the youths and his story is one that inspires almost everyone including the old, middle-aged, young, men, women alike.

Do you think Henry Ford could have achieved what he did in his lifetime without going to an engineering university? He was a mechanical engineer and that’s the biggest reason for his success. I know several extremely hard-working people who work 365 days a month and they can hardly make a living. They live to survive and survive to live. Life is nothing but a vicious circle to them. Several of them have turned into anti-natalists, misanthropes and efilists. I feel so pity for them, but I also find myself pity that I can’t do anything for them.

These are not the cavemen times. To make a nice living, you have to be skilled and innovative, and the people also have to recognize that you are one qualified person, and what is better than a university degree to prove your qualification.

It is one thing to dream big dreams and another to live them. People will tell you all sorts of stories that being successful in life doesn’t depend upon your college degree, college education or the experience that you gain by going to one.

Let us come back to the success story of late and legendary Henry Ford. Henry Ford couldn’t have became Henry Ford the legend if he didn’t attend the Bryant and Stratton College and the Detroit Business Institute. Hard work combined with the smart work is what makes you a super-success.

There is no doubt in my mind that Sir Henry Ford would have spent all his fortune on those gorgeous Palolem female escorts if he were alive today.

Doing the right things at the right time are amazingly rewarding and doing the wrong things at the wrong times are ridiculous. Everything must be done at it’s time.

They have Marathi actress escorts in Bambolim, Goa that cost tens and sometimes even hundreds of thousands for a couple of hours

You will read several stories on the internet how the dropouts become a bigger success than the ones who complete their college. Yes, these stories are true but it happens in very rare cases. Education is one of the most important things in life and perhaps the most important after food and shelter.

You must do your best to complete your college education and if the need be, take a loan or borrow from a relative to study. The Rome wasn’t built in a day and you cannot become a perfect human being without academics.

The reason why the parents are so concerned about their children’s studies is that they know the value of completing college. They have been there. If your parents are graduates, they know how much it helped them in their career and perhaps that’s the only reason why they are employed today and if they didn’t go to college, then too they know how better their life would be if they went to one.

You only have 24 hours in a day, there is no extra time to make extra money and to make sure that you make as much as you can within this time period is by increasing your value and your value is tremendously increased if you completed your college education.

Doesn’t matter which field you studied in, you could be an engineer, a commerce graduate or an arts graduate, college is one of the utmost important things in life and you must complete it if you can.

After the success of Michael Dell, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, dropouts and the ones who never went to a college think that it is very cool to not complete your college or never go to one, but you must remember that success stories like those of Michael Dell, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are rarities and most of the people that don’t complete college only regret it afterwards and the same has been said by the dropouts of top British universities.

These guys get to hire the best Bambolim escorts which cost a fortune. They have several Marathi actresses working as escorts in Bambolim. They are just for the top 0.01% of the society.

There are no sexy moans available on Spotify, Pornhub is still the best bet in that regard

It is funny how far us humans have come when it comes to the technology and related stuff. Today, you can download spotify premium and listen to the music of your choice all day long. Until a couple of decades ago, the situation was very different, forget about a couple of decades, up till 2008 October, there was no such great thing as Spotify.

Before Thomas Edison invented the Phonograph, you could enjoy some good music only when a musician was there in the flesh himself/herself. Only the ones who could afford to hire a musician/singer or the ones who had a musician in the family could enjoy regular music. That’s the reason why classical singers were respected so much back in the day, they still are but nowhere near as much.

Just start your Spotify APK and you can listen to whomsoever you want to, the guys and girls in the Western World are enjoying the songs by the Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram, although they don’t know a word of Arabic. The Chinese are listening to and enjoying Punjabi songs and they don’t even understand a word of the Punjabi language. These tech guys are nothing less than a God.

Technology has proven itself to be like the shoot sytem of a plant body. It has only been growing upwards. We now have better medicare facilities, better forms of entertainment, supercars, space shuttles, Aeroplanes, Helicopters and Spotify Premium APK, thanks to the modern technology. Soon enough we will have things we have never even imagined.

Nancy Ajram’s and Cheb Khaled’s songs have inspired so many people to learn the Arabic language and all the credit goes to the Spotify. Could you even imagine listening to any Arabic song of your choice at any moment until about a couple of decades ago?

I tried to find sexy moans on Spotify but couldn’t. I had to go visit Pornhub for the same. I played that when I availed the services of a Goa Massage Service Parlour recently.

Even rookie email marketers get to hire the topmost female escorts around the world

Mark Robertson worked at one of the finest star hotels of a big city. He graduated in Hotel Management from one of the most reputed institutes. He was just 25 at the time. He didn’t like his job. He was working there for the last 2 years. The thought that why he even took admission in the Hotel Management College bothered him day and night. He was one of the most juniors and his seniors would bully him and make him feel worthless all the time. He cursed the day he was advised by a relative to do his graduation in Hotel Management.

He wanted an out but he had no other source of income. A co-worker (let’s call him George D’Souza here) once told him that there is a lot of money to be made online. But our very own Mark Robertson wouldn’t trust him. About 2 months later, Mark Robertson found that Mr. George D’Souza isn’t coming to the hotel for work anymore. Mark had an intuition that George is now doing something big. George was a very hard-working 30 year old man, no girlfriend, no Television, just work all the time. George would do overtime almost every other day when he used to work at the hotel and invested all his savings trying his hand in new small business ventures.

Mark set aside his ego, called George and straight away asked him for his help in starting a new online business. George was a very friendly and nice beyond words guy. George asked Mark to come over to his house anytime after 7 PM. Mark did the same, he was right outside George’s door at 7:15 PM, George welcomed him and told Mark about a few top email marketing service providers. Mark said “What I can do with it? I don’t have a product to sell. I don’t have the money to buy anything wholesale. Even if I did, I wouldn’t be able to risk it. I know you are a genius, George when it comes to doing business, but I am not. How can these email marketing service providers help me?”

Then George told him about drop-shipping business model. George explained to Mark everything like Mark was his younger brother.

Mark is now making about 10, 000 dollars a month doing drop-shipping combined with right email marketing methods.

He was recently in North Goa, where he hired nothing but the most expensive Calangute female escorts.

Getting rid of your warts will make your woman appreciate your dick a lot

Hundreds if not thousands of doctors from USA travel to India each year to learn more about Ayurveda and Ayurvedic medicines.

If you have been looking for a cream or some product to get rid of warts, you must have come across hundreds of them within a couple of hours. I got rid of mine and my Candolim female escort whom I hired for 3 complete days really appreciated it.

Warts are one of the biggest reasons that cause anxiety among the men and women alike. They are the absolute antagonists for your self-confidence and beauty. Imagine seeing the most beautiful woman on earth from the left side and then few seconds later noticing that she has the biggest wart you have ever seen right on the right side of her nose when you finally got to look at her from the front, you will feel like vomiting. The memory of how beautiful the lady is will be all gone in the garbage, let’s use the term recycle bin to be exact. To restore her pretty face in your memory, you will need to first either see her without that ugly beast aka wart or fantasize about her without that price of darkness called wart.

I personally had several friends who were sick of this ugly beast on their faces, arms, neck and some even on the anus, until I told them the foolproof solution to this problem. Mainstream media ought to popularize the proven solution to this problem but they won’t because it doesn’t make them any money. The products that really help eliminating the warts were founded by the people who are more like social workers than business people, the margin for profit is so low for them that they can’t advertise themselves in the mainstream media but they are already getting very popular through word of mouth.

Delhi Nuru Masseuse lost tons of fat with Phenq

Calling Phenq, diet pills or a weight loss supplement would be an injustice. I have never seen a weight loss supplement or diet pills that works so good. The reason why the product is so successful and popular is inevitable; the reason is that it really works.

I got to learn about Phenq for the first time through a Delhi Nuru Masseuse whom I regularly visit. She had lost tons of weight over time and it desperately made me ask her what is it that she did to lose so much of weight in such a short span of time and then she told me about Phenq.

No need to waste your work and productive time listening to the motivational videos inspiring you to lose those extra pounds. This is 21st century amigos and you don’t need to waste any time sweating and getting tired just to keep your weight in order. The old people telling you not to take those Phenq pills are the ones who tried those shitty pills back when they were young. In the 60s, 70s and 80s, the diet pills and weight loss supplements were very popular but none of them worked. Only a few that worked were full of side effects and the side effects by far outweighed the benefits. The only benefit was the weight loss but the side effects were life threatening. This is not the case with the diet pills available in the market today.

Staying fit, good-looking and healthy is one of the most important things in life, perhaps, the most important. But it shouldn’t cost you hours and hours of exercise while you can use these hours to build something new; not to mention the psychological burden that the pressure to exercise everyday builds upon you. If your goal is to lose hundreds of pounds, then I recommend that you should do both the exercise along with taking your Phenq pills regularly. If your goal is to lose 200 pounds within 7-8 months, don’t worry, exercise for a couple of hours every day and take your Phenq too. Don’t wait for the perfect time to take a start, start today.

Philips vs Panasonic Beard Trimmers reminds me of Russian run vs Indian run South Goa escort service back in the late 1990s

Divided trimmer industry is good in the interest of many, but it looks like Philips won’t let any other brand to come anywhere near it when it comes to top notch trimmers. One after another, Philips has been producing some of the greatest trimmers ever. The trimmers available nowadays in the market are better than ever before.

Philips has proven that it is a very visionary company. Up until the 2007, I used to think that they are just another wannabes. Philips phones, TVs, etc nothing has been doing good in the marketplace but they are the pioneers unparalleled when it comes to cool gadgets for guys.

Either you love the Philips trimmers or you hate them, the reason you love them is because they are lovable, they are the best without any doubt, and if you hate them, it is because they are very common, your best friend owns one, your dad owns one, your teacher owns one, your professor owns one and you think whether you can get something different. Yes, you can. There are several other manufacturers struggling to make a mark in the industry. The nearest competitor to Philips is Panasonic. Panasonic has recently been developing some really good trimmers for men and they are doing really well but I personally think that they can do better, keeping in mind how much guys want something new.

It is now Dutch vs the Japanese. I haven’t seen a Japanese electronic brand getting unsuccessful when they are determined to compete. Japanese carmakers have outdone almost every other car make wherever they go. Toyota, Honda, Suzuki, Nissan, they rule the car world. Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha rule the motorcycle industry. American motorcycles have never been as practical and utilitarian as their Japanese counterparts.

It reminds me of a Russian run South Goa escort service and an Indian run South Goa escort service back in the late 1990s when I used to be there.

Keeping a check on 14 carpet stores with XMEyepc while having fun with Russian escorts in Goa

Presley was born to strict Christian parents and they tried their best to make him believe in God, but Presley was a very rebellious secular atheist from the very beginning. Presley would hire escorts all the time when he was in Goa and would send the pictures of him with those Russian escorts in Goa to his parents.

While Presley was in high school, he started working at a small department store. Both the owner of the store and Presley used to watch one of the most popular shows of the time Kenan and Kel together. The owner used to act like the owner of the Rigby’s store in the show Chris and Presley used to act like Kenan and Presley even had a clumsy friend like Kel who would often visit Presley at the Rigby’s and ruin things for him.

When Presley completed his school, he didn’t believe in going to the college and started a small carpet importing business instead. He would import handmade carpets from India and sell them to the retailers and the wholesalers in the USA.

Gradually, Presley’s business and profits rose and he started opening his own stores. Now, after 12 years of that, Presley owns 14 stores in the state of Texas. Managing 14 stores is a little hard and that’s where Presley’s wife Lilith also came in. Both husband and wife together manage their stores and now they have an app installed on their PCs to keep a watch on all 14 stores round the clock which you too can download free.

Both Presley and Lilith hate wasting time on watching the television, social media, surfing internet for no reason, watching useless videos on the Youtube and the like stuff. They are childless currently and are confused whether to have a child of their own or adopt a kid from India or Africa.

Once an escort freak hasn’t hired any since the day he met his fiance

Maxwell is a 24 year young all American boy who was born and raised in poverty. Maxwell didn’t complete his high school due to the bad financial conditions of his parents and he had to start working full time at a department store when he was 16. Maxwell also did lots of petty internet businesses on the side that required zero to little investment.

Maxwell lived in Mumbai for a couple of years where he would hire Mumbai Russian escorts all the time.

Maxwell’s parents and grandparents are devout protestants. Maxwell wants to achieve the pinnacles when it comes to wealth no matter what it takes. Maxwell is a very handsome young man and he has this distinct aura and magnetism that attracts lots of ladies. There is this rich girl named Hannah whom Maxwell met when he was 23. She fell in love with Maxwell the moment she saw him. She found a lame excuse to talk to him for a while and also found an excuse to exchange numbers with him.

Hannah invited him for a dinner couple of days later and Maxwell went for it. After the third date, she fell more in love with Maxwell. Hannah likes to overspend on dates and she also used to drop Maxwell to his house in her Bentley Mulsanne.

Hannah proposed Maxwell to marry her in the month of December this year, Maxwell was waiting for this moment. Maxwell would do anything to become rich. Hannah is a rich heiress and super-crazy for Maxwell. Maxwell is climbing that success ladder and they are about to marry in the month of November this year. Hannah has already given order to the most popular Prescott Kitchen Remodel company to get the kitchen of their new house remodeled.

Maxwell hasn’t even hired any escort since the day he met Hannah.

Extremely handsome furniture retail chain owner who models for his brand himself had an ED which he really got rid of

Efrain is a 28 year young ex-male model currently running his very popular furniture store in the Sao Paulo city, Brazil. But Efrain’s store wasn’t popular at all until about an year ago.

Efrain has come a long way in 1 year and he has been running this store since he was 21. Efrain was born to a career criminal father and a small-time actress mother. Efrain’s father was killed in a shootout with the rival gang and that’s when Efrain’s mother with him to Sao Paulo from the city of Rio de Janeiro. Efrain still misses Rio de Janeiro very much, but he likes Sao Paulo as well.

Efrain used to work for a taxi company as a driver from the age of 18 to 21. After that, he somehow managed to start a furniture store with the money he borrowed from friends, family, loans from the banks, and his own personal savings.

Efrain’s store never did well until he decided to do something creative. Efrain was selling furniture like all the other furniture sellers in his city. Efrain once by accident went through a popular Chinese glass  company that goes by the name ginde glass website.

Efrain was astonished to see the designs of their decorative glasses and decided to use them for some of his good. Efrain decided that he will buy their decorative glasses in bulk to use them on the table tops. Efrain ordered 200 decorative glasses as his budget was low. With his expert employee, got it fixed on the tables as table tops and posted the pictures on his website with the rates. Efrain’s best friend is an internet marketing expert and he helped Efrain a lot in popularizing his website. Within 6 days, all the tables got sold and then Efrain ordered more.

That’s how Efrain became the most popular furniture store owner in Sao Paulo. He has some more creative plans in his mind which he isn’t sharing with anyone at the moment.

Efrain has made it public that he is looking for a girlfriend. You would be surprised to know that this handsome ex-male model with a great physique had an erectile dysfunction (disfunção erétil) but now since he has took care of it, he couldn’t care less about it. He didn’t date any girl all the time he had ED.

There’s no better sight than when you unwrap a surprise escort out of her prudish clothes and her booty turns out to be double the size of an average woman

I always had a fetish for saree, my most recent escort was Half-Indian and she wore one for me although I didn’t expect her to have one. She was a fine big ass MILF who satisfied me like no other woman did in the past few years. She told me that most of her clientele includes Indian virgin men in their early 20s that are about to get married in a traditional Indian arranged marriage. She also told me something I already knew and that was that more and more career women are now choosing to become escorts nowadays in a number they never did before and these career women are more open to open their asshole for your dick, in other words, these career women are mostly okay with the anal sex unlike their cheaper counterparts. These career women are also more open to the roleplay services. I am planning to enjoy a stepmom roleplay service next time I am in London. I never had a stepmom and watching those ‘stepmom fucks stepson while dad is away’ movies make me really want to have a hot stepmom.

I believe that whether it be the porn industry or the escort industry, breast implants have really made the breast size insignificant to a great extent and it is the woman with a big booty what is in demand everywhere at the moment. Also, there were never so many Gingers in the porn or escort industry before.

Now you can enjoy your teenage crush’s XXX video, thanks to the Deepfake technology

I remember having a crush on WWE’s Billion Dollar Princess – Stephanie McMahon and how I used to look for an escort that looked just like her. Well, I could never score a girlfriend, escort or a fuckbuddy that looked just like my younger years’ crush Stephanie McMahon but last night I enjoyed wanking to one of her deepfake XXX Video. I jerked off using this lubricant that my best friend sent to me from Qatar. They make this lubricant using some lizard’s cooked body parts and stuff like that, and boys, let me tell you, this was one of the best wanks of my entire life. Thanks to both the deepfake technology and this Qatari lubricant. I am going to request him to send some more, I am willing to pay whatever it costs. He told me that Qatari men use this lubricant to increase the girth of their dicks, which I didn’t believe first but now I do. I am expanding my girth to tear down the pussy of my future fuckbuddy, wife or girlfriend, whoever it is going to be, I am going to make her cry like a crazy bitch and get her addicted to my wide dick.

Saudi Arabia just reminded me of an Arab escort that I fucked in Lebanon, she screamed and moaned in Arabic while I was banging her. She spoke fluent English and talked to me in English all the time except for when she was taking my dick inside her cunt. She also said Asalam-Wale-Kum to me after giving me a goodbye kiss while leaving. I am dripping precum just recalling that moment.

Kay Parker, Danny D, Keiran Lee, Sophie Dee, Jasmine Jae, Anastasia Lux, all these porn legends have one thing in common and that is they are all British

One female gynecologist friend of mine told me that the BBCs are overrated but Latin dicks are underrated. I asked her if she has ever tried a British dick, she told me that she has never done so but she has a huge crush on Danny D and Keiran Lee, and she watches mostly nothing but British Porn Videos. She also likes to watch vintage British porn and never gets tired of repeating that it is nothing but a pity that Kay Parker has left no descendants, if she did, there is no doubt in her mind that they would have been topmost pornstars globally, male or female, straight, gay or bisexual, it doesn’t matter.

I have met several female pornstars personally in my life including disabled ones like Savannah Jane, and they were all without any exception were daddy’s girls while growing up.

Myself and many others believe that if there were HD, fast and free internet porn back in the day, there would have been no Richard Ramirez, Son of Sam, Ted Bundy and many other serial killers. Hell, even if India’s cannibalistic pedophile Indian serial killer – Surinder Kohli knew how to access the internet, he wouldn’t have killed, raped and eaten so many children either. It is the lack of sexuality that does it to you and since we have got access to the fast, free HQ internet porn, every night is a night in a top notch harem for the men who have access to it.

I recently got carpal tunnel syndrome when I didn’t have the time to watch porn and jerk off to it, as soon as I started getting some spare time, I came back to my daily porn and masturbation habit and the carpal tunnel syndrome disappeared magically. Masturbation and Porn are beneficial in every way, don’t listen to the ones who say otherwise.

You name it, Best Israeli escort agencies have it, including politician lookalike escorts

Let me tell you something, all the talks that Israeli Jews are religious fanatics and not secular at all are fake and right the opposite of the truth. I was there in Israel last Christmas and whence the Best Israel Escort Agency that I contacted to hire a lady for the night got to know that I am a Christian, offered me a special Christmas discount. It was really an amazing experience to learn how secular and liberal these people were.

I told the escort agency that my latest crush was Nikki Haley, the United States Ambassador to the United Nations, they sent me a MILF who looked just like Nikki Haley. Escorting was her part-time profession, she spent most of her time managing her own electrical appliance business.

Most of the Israeli escort service agencies that come on the top of Google and have fancy websites, have troops of exclusive escorts working for them. Many of their escorts are available for traveling along as well. A great number of these topmost Israeli escorts have done work for Television and Movies as well; some are popular Youtubers that only visit regular clients of the escort agency.

Meditation has become a very popular activity among the Israeli escorts nowadays, not to mention that they even eat healthier and workout harder than they ever did before.

Next time when I am going to Israel, I am going to ask for a Hungarian mathematician escort with a big butt. Even if she doesn’t have a big butt, it is okay, because I haven’t had a mathematician woman in my life and I heard from a friend that Hungarians are the best mathematicians in the world.

Idiots are getting married to the real life women, smart men are buying fleshlights and fucking those watching HD free porn videos

I remember having crush on several different teachers on mine in the college and one thing that I noticed among the big-breasted teachers was that how loving, caring and better in every aspect they used to be compared to their small-breasted counterparts.

I also remember a teacher of mine whose boobs were so big that they sometimes touched the steering of her car and they would look even bigger with her car seat belt on.

One of my good friends is a professional model who told me that they look for women with big breasts for the ads of the toothpaste as they are required to shake a lot while brushing their teeth. An average Joe like yourself cannot imagine how much they are using sex to sell stuff, they have been extorting your pockets to make your wife look sexier so that she could attract tons of young and handsome men and think about them while she is fucking you. Do not be mad at me, that’s the case with most of you married losers. The smartest of the men meanwhile are getting married to their fleshlights or sex dolls and fuck those each night while watching their favorite free porn videos.

I have read the original Arabian Nights and in the chapter of Aladdin, Princess Jasmine aka Yasmin is depicted as a woman with big firm boobs but the mainstream media chose to bury it. Perhaps, they have an enmity with high estrogen in women and testosterone in the case of men. Whatever the case may be, there is a rumor being spread in the mainstream media lately that the women with high estrogen levels tend to be drama queens which I have observed and noticed to be a complete myth. Some of the women that I am personally familiar with have bigger boobs than that of your wife and they are not drama queens. If your woman has big boobs and is a drama queen then she is just looking for a way to take a revenge on you for not being able to satisfy in the bed.

If a foreplay is not enough for you to drip precum, try a live adult cam chat with some exotic beauty

Here is a lousy song that I just wrote:-

“Singers sing song,

Pornstars do porn,

I love visiting Hong Kong,

As much as a young woman loves big dong.”

My current girlfriend only gets the idea to write poetry whenever she is having sex with me. Last time we had sex, she had a writing pad ready, she wrote the poetry all the time she rode the cock in the cowgirl position and she did it while having those sweet and sexy moans. I have her ass tatted with my surname.

Though I am dating and fucking this chick, there is no way that I am going to marry her. To get married, I am looking for a Half-Russian Half-Indian woman. I had the god telling me in my dreams many times that I will have a large, happy family and also become a billionaire if I marry a Half-Russian Half-Indian woman. I have created a list of best adult chat sites for tablets to find that perfect match and I am chatting with a cam model whenever my current girlfriend is away.

I always used to get aroused whenever I heard the name Debra because it would remind me of big boobs popping out of a tight bra but now since my current girlfriend aka fuckbuddy’s name is also Debra, I start dripping the precum as soon as I hear it. I am dripping precum for at least 10 hours a day nowadays, while hearing my GF’s name, while talking to those gorgeous cam models and last but not the least, while having a foreplay with my GF or while she is licking my balls or giving me a rimjob.

Most of the adult problems lead from the lack of sexuality, so check Facebook less and Escort Directories more

I have been campaigning against ragging in the colleges everywhere, mostly online. I have recommended visiting Escort Directories to people who do obnoxious things like ragging in the college because after talking to hundreds of them, I have discovered that each of them is sex deprived.

I wish to create a world-class escort counseling service in the future where some of the most legendary escorts will work as the counselors. I have talked to several of my friends regarding this idea and without exception, each of them told me that it is a crazy and interesting idea at the very same time.

One of my girlfriends used to work as an escort and I had no problem with it. She needed sex for at least 4-5 hours a day, she told me that she inherited the high libido from her father who worked for the Sicilian Mafioso and had many mistresses and girlfriends. This very woman also told me that meditation is pure bullshit and tantric sex is the shit. She also told me that she could stay wet for 24 hours since she started practicing tantric sex. My boxers were also always wet with precum whenever I was around her and I was in pure heaven when my dick was in any of her holes.

I recently heard from a common friend that this ex-girlfriend of mine has been busy creating a cement company of her own with the money of her newfound wealthy boyfriend. She is going to name the company ‘SpermBomb’ which is going to attract a lot of attention and also controversies, both of which are pretty good for the business. I am certain that naming the cement company ‘SpermBomb’ is her own idea because I know she is crazy, creative and smart like that. I really wish her well with her health and with her upcoming business. I hope that her business becomes as successful as she is sexful.

If your wife smokes, ask her to give a BJ to you while she smokes, but first let me rate how well she is at it

One of my good friends is a great example of rags to riches story. He used to be a bouncer at a strip club and now he owns his own luxury watch retail chain. This friend of mine always tells me and other friends of his that some American female strippers are so rich that a normal person cannot even imagine. He tells us that two of the strippers that worked at the same strip club as him were so rich that they owned their own boats. He says that both of these strippers too really great care of the mind, body and soul of their visitors, and when he says that, he means that they both used to provide additional services as well privately to the visitors, including visiting their hotel and giving them a smoking blowjob there.

He claims that the mother of one of the youngest WWE female stars also used to work at the strip club where he used to be a bouncer but both the mother and the daughter have been keeping this a secret and he respects this decision of theirs as it may negatively affect the popularity of that female wrestler.

This ex-strip-club-bouncer friend of mine also claims that the tantric and daoist sexual practices are extremely dangerous and ought not to be practiced at all if someone wants to live a happy, healthy and long life. He further claims that the popular 18th century Daoist – Liu Yiming, was severely ill 3 times before he reached the age of 20 because of practicing Daoist sexual practices.

Japanese MILF wives are the best, keep on looking and you might get lucky enough to have one

It is rightly said that the thing that is most prone to getting a Napolean complex is a male dick. It is also rightly said that a cheerleader is believed to be a real cheerleader if and only if, she can get the dick of a 80 year old up and hard.

I personally believe that the climate change is going to make the people around the world more horny overtime.

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I am a self-proclaimed biggest critic of the virginity auctions and I have been doing my utmost to destroy the same.

Japanese car freak has named his 4 wives after Japanese automakers and perhaps he was busy watching his favorite porn video on the Porndex when he did it

I have an Arab friend who never gets tired of repeating all the time that fucking on a couch is more romantic and more fun than fucking on the bed any day. He claims to have only fucked his wife on the couch throughout his four honeymoons.

This guy is a great fan of the Japanese cars and he has perhaps owned each and every Japanese car that they ever built. He has named each of his wives after a Japanese car maker. He has named his extremely fun but unreliable wife – Nissan, his fun and reliable wife – Honda, his not much fun but extremely reliable wife – Toyota and last but not the least, his wife that is always ready to go anywhere with him – Subaru.

He always shows pity about the fact that there cannot be such a thing as ride-sharing when it comes to the escort services.

This friend of mine and all his four wives claim to have been trained by the late tantric goddess – Psalm Isadora, personally. He claims that he can last for four hours at a time in an average sex session with his highest record being seven hours. He says that his dick’s sensitivity gets higher with the length of the session but his fucking speed goes lower.

He also owns a sex advice blog, where he recently posted that where an average chick loves Fiat 500 and Volkswagen Beetle, thots seem to hate it and that’s one of the ways to identify one.

When he is not busy fucking one or more of his wives simultaneously, writing on his blog or sleeping, he is busy watching HD porn videos on a website that goes by the name Porndex.

Many female 6 footer ex-journalists are now Amazon pornstars

Amazon Porntube grew the most in the financial year 2009 because of the second world countries gaining access to the internet more rapidly than ever before.

I recently learnt that many expelled female journalists are now working as full-time pornstars and many of them are 6 footers.

I have a very good friend who claims that edging helps his regular meditation routine.

I believe that no matter how many sex positions or masturbation techniques you have tried, there is always so much more to try.

I have a friend who works at a office located on the top of a major and popular skyscraper, he tells me that fucking or jacking off is far more fun on the top of the skyscrapers than it is on the ground. He believes that the reason behind this is that when you are away from the earth, you are closer to the Satan.

I personally believe that the entire world will convert to Protestantism soon because of the liberty and freedom the religion provides along with the social security that comes with being a Christian. I recently heard that Protestantism has also become kind of a pro-masturbation religion lately.

Historically, it has been believed that masturbation is bad for you but all the historians had one thing in common and that is that they were all avid masturbators.

Optimism really works, I have a friend whose penis is only 4.5 inches long, he says that thinking of himself as Mandingo has really changed the perspective for him completely.

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I believe that there is a bias against the single masturbators in our society whereas those that aren’t single don’t feel ashamed bragging about their wanking addiction

I love tall women with big natural boobs. I believe that the bigger the boobs a woman possesses, the more humble and generous she is. That’s why I have always had busty girlfriends and they were all humble and generous as well.

One of my neighbors is a distributor for penis pumps. He makes tens of thousands of dollars in a week. He drives a Bentley Flying Spur which he bought off the penis pumps money.

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The American dream is over, Japanese pussy, boobs and ass are the new trend

The American dream may have had its day but the Japanese porn is still in trend and it is has been growing like never before lately. I have some friends that don’t like to wank to the porn but rather to the hot news anchors.

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I believe that the climate change is responsible for the higher libidos among human beings, especially women, in the recent times. The penis shaped soaps have been around since the late 1970s but I don’t remember seeing any woman until the late 1990s using one. Nowadays, every third woman uses one and the added benefit of that soap is that it can be used as a dildo as well while you are still showering. Even Dr. Phil’s wife Robin uses one.

It is my personal observation and the observation of several cam girls, prostitutes and pornstars that I talked to, that the men who work 12 hours a day, also fuck for hours at a time and the main reason why they work so hard is so that they can get a good pussy or head or both at the end of the day. They say that they are reckless when they are finally reaching to their home, the escort’s location, to the massage parlour or the location of their girlfriend.

I have been using a penis pump lately and it has not only increased my length but overall mass as well.

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I take a wank each night watching one of my favorite Thai porn video clip (คลิปหลุด) but it is amazing how I am still as curious when it is wanking time like I was during the first time.

I really believe that the planet earth is highly overpopulated with the humans and I applaud the porn websites for taking care of the overpopulation on earth.

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She was just a pornstar with big tits in Versace

I have a friend who lets me slap his busty wife on the face using my 10 inch long cock, whenever she tries to stop me from doing that, I tell her “Shut the fuck up, bitch.”

I once went to a sexual seminar strictly for the men, where the host and other speakers would ask the men to “Raise their cocks” instead of raising their hands.

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There is a porn solution for everyone nowadays. I have a friend who only uses porn for the moans. His wife’s moans aren’t enough to turn him on. His wife doesn’t allow him to watch any porn, she is the one who turns the porn on each time, so that he can hear the sounds. She has already ordered some expensive speakers from the Amazon as she says that now she is only going to download the MP3 version of these videos and play it on the speakers.

Another friend of mine who has always been a porn addict, tells me that the only thing that is keeping him alive is the big boobs porn otherwise he had no point to go on.

Another friend of mine has been claiming lately that because he gets super-horny during the summers, he has come to the conclusion that it is possible to live off the sun energy.

I have a gay friend as well, who says that he gets reminded of a huge cock whenever someone mentions the word ‘banana’ in front of him.

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Aliens also prefer to masturbate to their favorite porno rather than having sex with their partners

A nice pleasurable long wank is a huge accomplishment any day, especially if you do it to your favorite porno film.

I have a somewhat crazy friend who believes that having long hair and beard increases your sexual energy. I don’t know how true it is but this guy himself keeps his hair and beard long and keeps wanking to his favorite porn all the time.

Another friend of mine believes that a handjob is superior to a blowjob any day. This friend of mine gets uncontrollably horny after drinking whisky or coffee and has a huge appetite for Amazon MILFs.

I personally do not understand that why some women with marvelous mountains like to hide them while some others cannot get enough of flaunting them around.

I personally believe that if it weren’t for the advanced pornography and contraceptive methods, the human race would have gone extinct long ago.

I say to all those who believe that wanking and porn are just for the basement prowlers, go do a reality check.

I recently committed a couple of surveys on different discord and slack chatrooms where I discovered that 80% of the men still care more about the boobs than ass. It really seems like that it is a myth that more men have turned from boobs-men to ass-men in the past couple of decades than ever before.

I used to masturbate all the time when I used to work at the farm in my ancestral village but I do it very rarely since I came to the big city that I have been living in now for years.

I recently had a dream about one undiscovered planet in the universe where they give birth to the young ones through masturbation only and these aliens produce only one sperm cell during each ejaculation. They looked just like us.

There is a lot of development and advancement going on in the sex doll industry and you can’t deny it

The rise of Tinder has had no effect on the porn watchers or escort lovers but it definitely increased the sales of female sex doll by showing to the men that they are better off fucking a good looking sex doll than fucking some stranger that they met on Tinder and get a STD.

I personally hate the term ‘serious fucking’, because I believe that if fucking becomes serious, what shall we be left with? I can only picture a sight of violent and enforced sex when I hear or read the term ‘serious fucking’.

One of my good friends jokes that there will be sex wars in the future, the battalions that will be able to fuck for longer will come up as winners. This crazy friend of mine tells me that he once had a dream that Taliban was teaching their young men in a way to sharp shoot the ejaculation in the opponent’s eye and blind him/her. He also claims that they now deliberately let the homosexual and females in the army otherwise the army was getting so sexually suppressed that there could have been none left there, especially the descendants of the veterans were among the first one to leave.

I believe that porn and sex dolls are responsible for lesser marriages in the modern times and hence lesser divorces and also more happiness throughout the world.

I wonder all the time what the stripping and strip poles in the future be like. There is no denying that there will be stripper dolls as well just like there are such advanced sex dolls now and they will really be able to replace the original.