There is a lot of development and advancement going on in the sex doll industry and you can’t deny it

The rise of Tinder has had no effect on the porn watchers or escort lovers but it definitely increased the sales of female sex doll by showing to the men that they are better off fucking a good looking sex doll than fucking some stranger that they met on Tinder and get a STD.

I personally hate the term ‘serious fucking’, because I believe that if fucking becomes serious, what shall we be left with? I can only picture a sight of violent and enforced sex when I hear or read the term ‘serious fucking’.

One of my good friends jokes that there will be sex wars in the future, the battalions that will be able to fuck for longer will come up as winners. This crazy friend of mine tells me that he once had a dream that Taliban was teaching their young men in a way to sharp shoot the ejaculation in the opponent’s eye and blind him/her. He also claims that they now deliberately let the homosexual and females in the army otherwise the army was getting so sexually suppressed that there could have been none left there, especially the descendants of the veterans were among the first one to leave.

I believe that porn and sex dolls are responsible for lesser marriages in the modern times and hence lesser divorces and also more happiness throughout the world.

I wonder all the time what the stripping and strip poles in the future be like. There is no denying that there will be stripper dolls as well just like there are such advanced sex dolls now and they will really be able to replace the original.

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