Thai women don’t talk rubbish once they have a long and warm dong inside them

I take a wank each night watching one of my favorite Thai porn video clip (คลิปหลุด) but it is amazing how I am still as curious when it is wanking time like I was during the first time.

I really believe that the planet earth is highly overpopulated with the humans and I applaud the porn websites for taking care of the overpopulation on earth.

I have a reputation for talking rubbish while fucking and those candies make me and my girlfriend so horny. Me and my girlfriend both believe that candies were the secret behind the serial killer Richard Ramirez’s high testosterone.

I love to eat my girlfriend’s pussy. If you haven’t ever eaten a pussy, do it now. Take my advice! Before eating the pussy, sniff it and ultimately, you won’t need any tutorial at all on how to eat the pussy, sniffing the pussy ultimately makes you a genius pussy-eater without any efforts at all.

From my own example and that of my good friends, I have observed that aggressive men are passive in bed whereas the lazy men are hyperactive in bed.

Last year, for months, I made my morning coffee with my lactating girlfriend’s milk and I am yet to experience a food or drink more energetic than that.

Use it or lose it is not a baseless belief when it comes to the sexual stamina. I don’t know whether you are going to believe me or not, I have stayed celibate for 6 months, only to experience no benefits at all but to lose my sexual stamina and aggression. I would advise you all to stay sexually active all year long for a happy and healthy life.

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