Many female 6 footer ex-journalists are now Amazon pornstars

Amazon Porntube grew the most in the financial year 2009 because of the second world countries gaining access to the internet more rapidly than ever before.

I recently learnt that many expelled female journalists are now working as full-time pornstars and many of them are 6 footers.

I have a very good friend who claims that edging helps his regular meditation routine.

I believe that no matter how many sex positions or masturbation techniques you have tried, there is always so much more to try.

I have a friend who works at a office located on the top of a major and popular skyscraper, he tells me that fucking or jacking off is far more fun on the top of the skyscrapers than it is on the ground. He believes that the reason behind this is that when you are away from the earth, you are closer to the Satan.

I personally believe that the entire world will convert to Protestantism soon because of the liberty and freedom the religion provides along with the social security that comes with being a Christian. I recently heard that Protestantism has also become kind of a pro-masturbation religion lately.

Historically, it has been believed that masturbation is bad for you but all the historians had one thing in common and that is that they were all avid masturbators.

Optimism really works, I have a friend whose penis is only 4.5 inches long, he says that thinking of himself as Mandingo has really changed the perspective for him completely.

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