If your wife smokes, ask her to give a BJ to you while she smokes, but first let me rate how well she is at it

One of my good friends is a great example of rags to riches story. He used to be a bouncer at a strip club and now he owns his own luxury watch retail chain. This friend of mine always tells me and other friends of his that some American female strippers are so rich that a normal person cannot even imagine. He tells us that two of the strippers that worked at the same strip club as him were so rich that they owned their own boats. He says that both of these strippers too really great care of the mind, body and soul of their visitors, and when he says that, he means that they both used to provide additional services as well privately to the visitors, including visiting their hotel and giving them a smoking blowjob there.

He claims that the mother of one of the youngest WWE female stars also used to work at the strip club where he used to be a bouncer but both the mother and the daughter have been keeping this a secret and he respects this decision of theirs as it may negatively affect the popularity of that female wrestler.

This ex-strip-club-bouncer friend of mine also claims that the tantric and daoist sexual practices are extremely dangerous and ought not to be practiced at all if someone wants to live a happy, healthy and long life. He further claims that the popular 18th century Daoist – Liu Yiming, was severely ill 3 times before he reached the age of 20 because of practicing Daoist sexual practices.

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